aussie babes

inbox(ask) photos and tumblrs of aussiebabes that you think should be on this page.

Anonymous asked:
the blonde at the front with the high pony

is this her tumblr aswell?

Anonymous asked: if you look through her blog there is a photo with her in a purple dress with her hair falling back :)

thankyou! i’ll have a look

Anonymous asked: theres a photo of her when shes hosing her self :) she has quite the amazing boddyy

she does doesn’t she! i’m putting her straight on. thankyou!

i’ve made this tumblr too post photos of aussie babes that are on tumblr. 

i’ve seen a couple blogs like this and i’m not stealing their idea, i would just love to make my own and see how far it goes. so inbox me the links to girls blogs from australia that you think should be on this page.